Video Services


We can digitize VHS, VHS-C, Video8, Hi8, MiniDV and Beta tapes. Audio cassettes too!

$30 per tape

Storage Options

Free cloud storage included with every order

USB drive or DVD $15 additional


In addition to video transfer services, we also stock blank tapes for many formats like audiocassette, VHS, MiniDV, Hi8, and VHS-C. Please call for current availability and pricing.

We are videotape experts! No matter what format of video you have, chances are we can transfer your footage. 

All digital tapes, like MiniDV and Digital8, are transferred with a fully-digital workflow using FireWire cables. This means that there is no loss in quality, compared to "the easy method" using analog (red, white, and yellow) cables. If you're shopping around, ask other places what method they use.

No extra charge for European/international PAL format tapes.

If your tape is damaged, we will repair it free of charge with video transfer services. We are able to splice torn or tangled tapes, and replace broken plastic cassettes.

We charge a flat rate per tape, regardless of how long the tape runs for. Most other shops will charge per hour of footage. We have found this is the best way to give predictable pricing to our customers, since tapes range from just a few minutes up to 6 hours. If you know that your tape has under 15 minutes of footage, please contact us and we can provide a discount.

A 20% discount is available for bulk orders of 10 or more tapes.

We can not process or digitize any type of movie film reels (8mm/super8/16mm etc). We recommend Negativeland for all motion picture film services.

Do you have technical questions or a special project? Please call or email the store and ask for Caleb.

Drop off or mail in

Other Video Services

-Transfer DVDs to video files ($15 per disc)

-Transfer digital files to DVD ($15) or VHS ($30)

-Transfer digital files to VHS and back to digital for vintage filmmaking effects ($40)