Film Processing

Develop & Scan

Same price for 35mm and 120, C-41 and B&W, and all disposable camerasScans are sent to the email address you provide at dropoff.

Develop & Basic Scan - $10.00

1600x2400px .jpg files (approx 4mb)Great for social media and small prints up to 5x7"

Develop & Premium Scan - $15.00

2000x3000px 8-bit .tiff files (approx 18mb)Larger files for prints up to 8x12"Best choice for disposable cameras

Develop & High-Resolution Scan - $20 

4000x6000px 8-bit .tiff files (approx 87mb)Huge files for prints up to 16x24"

Develop & Maximum-Resolution Scan - $30

4,500 x 6500px (35mm), or up to 6700x8700px (6x7cm negative) 16-bit .tiff files (approx 197mb)Enormous files suitable for mural-size prints

Develop Only - $7.50

for advanced shooters who want to scan their own film or print in a darkroomnegatives only - no digital files or prints
see Specialty FIlm Services below for information about 110, APS, 620, E-6 (slide film) services

 Prints & Add-Ons

Same Day Rush - $10.00 per roll

Rush orders are completed in under 12 hours

3.5x5" prints - $10.00 per roll

Silver halide prints on Fuji Crystal Archive Luster paper

4x6" prints - $12.50 per roll

Silver halide prints on Fuji Crystal Archive Luster paper

Turnaround Times

Typically about 3 days for most orders.

Specialty service turnaround times:

E-6 turnaround is 2-4 weeks.

C-41 push turnaround is 1-2 weeks.

Except for rush orders, turnaround times are estimates not guarantees.

Specialty Film Services


C-41: additional $10 to push approx +1.5 stops (no more, no less)

B&W: additional $5 to push or pull any amount 

Push means to underexpose and overdevelop film, effectively increasing ISOPull means to overexpose and underdevelop film, effectively decreasing ISO.
Push and pull processing can help correct for exposure mistakes when shooting at the expense of contrast and overall quality.

E-6 slide film processing

Additional $10 per rollAdditional $5 to mount 35mm slidesNo charge to cross-process

110 film processing

$22.99 - includes high resolution scans. Low/medium resolution scans for 110 are no longer available.

APS film processing

Additional $10 per roll

220 film processing

Priced as 2 rolls of 120

620 film processing

No extra charge

126 & 127 film processing

$25 per roll, includes high-res scans

We no longer offer ECN-2 film processing.

Important Policies

We do not process any film which has liquid damage (water or otherwise). 

We are experts in our field and treat each roll of film with a great deal of care and attention. Though infrequent, lab errors (both human and mechanical) can and do occur in every photo lab. If your film is damaged, destroyed, or lost while in our care we will refund your order and replace the film with an equivalent unexposed film. This is the full extent of our warranty, and the possibility of a lab error is a risk you assume when getting film processed.

Negative Pickup & Retention

You will receive an email when your negatives are available for pickup. This is typically 1-2 days after you receive scans via email. We will hold negatives for at least 30 days after the order has been completed. Unclaimed negatives will be discarded without any additional notifications.

It is your responsibility to pick up your negatives or contact us to make other arrrangements in a timely fashion. You can order shipping from our website under the Shop menu.